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99.9% of the projects
have been finished timely.

Each second company
customer recommends us to
their partners.

86% of our clients came
back for another project.

Some questions you may ask

1. How can I get a quote?

To know the price and development timelines use our contact form and get in touch with our sales department. Our experienced sales managers will specify the documents you need for estimation. If you don't have a specification or business requirements for future application, we can interview you by phone to get all information firsthand.

2. What about software testing?

Our QA department carries out comprehensive testing of mobile applications: applications performance testing, compatibility testing and usability testing of interface, and even testing of gameplay quality. Read more in Mobile QA section.

3. Where can I get your portfolio projects?

View the part of our public portfolio here. You will get more detailed information on the other projects after signing the NDA. Send us request for portfolio via contact form.

4. Develop mobile application?

All you need is to get in touch with our managers through the contact form. Then our experts will contact you during one hour to begin the process of development. For your convenience, the work is divided into logical steps:

  • Software requirements gathering, specification development;
  • Design development, application prototyping;
  • Software development;
  • Development of the accompanying specification;
  • Quality Assurance services

5. How long will it take to develop my iPhone application?

As a rule, our skilled staff copes with any project during 2-3 weeks. But our portfolio includes projects which were developed about one year or even longer. Send us your project information via contact form to get more detailed estimation.

6. How much does it cost to develop an iPhone application?

The answer to this question directly depends on the previous question. In any case, if you order software development in our company you will get a reasonable price along with top quality services and development under tight deadlines. Contact our sales department to estimate the cost of your project.

7. Can I sell my application via Apple's App Store?

We have been specializing in application development for App Store for a long time. We fulfill all App Store's requirements, and this greatly simplifies registration, approval and sales via App Store. Use contact form to request more details.

8. What about design and graphics?

Our design department is at your service. Our professional designers, animators and GUI experts will assist you in creating a unique interface for your application, they will also think over all usability features.

9. What about other mobile platforms (e.g. Android)?

We possess enough expertise to develop different versions of your application for any mobile platform, including Android.

Read more about this at the page How we work.