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EffectiveSoft presents two mobile programs - Mark Recorder for Android and Mark Recorder for Windows Phone. These are advanced audio recorder applications.

Mark Recorder is a smart dictaphone. It allows to mark specific parts during recording so that the user can quickly and easily find them and listen to particular parts selectively.

Project background

Mark Recorder is a helpful mobile solution for audio recording. Mark Recorder for Android and Mark Recorder for Windows Phone provide new useful features long-awaited in ordinary recording. In particular Mark Recorder allows to mark important fragments straight during recording and to access them afterwards selectively easily navigating between marks.


Solution Highlights

This applications are useful for journalists, students, businessmen and anyone else, who needs to mark preferable moments during audio recording and find them later at the time of listening.

  • Start recording by pressing "Record" icon.
  • Scroll and tap markers you need, to mark any record fragment.
  • Save the record by pressing "Stop" icon.
  • Select any existing record for listening.
  • Use markers icons to navigate between records sections.
  • You can Add / Delete / Rename / Move any markers you want.

User Benefits

  • Smart audio recording
  • Marking of specific fragments during recording
  • Quick and easy navigation between marks

Project utilizes

Android Project Resume Windows Phone Project Resume
Total project development time 247h 150h
Lines of code 3507 7684
Tools & Technologies Autofac,
Silverlight for Windows
Phone Toolkit
Android SDK, Android NDK, Ant,
Eclipse, C/C++
Languages C#, XAML Java
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